When you select ETLAQ for your next seminar or workshop, or masterclass, you’re not selecting just another development program. You’re selecting one of the world’s leading experts in helping individuals and businesses to move out of their comfort zones and limiting patterns into new levels of peak performance. Every seminar, workshop, and masterclass ETLAQ’s speakers present are customized to meet your outcomes. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

LAUNCH offers high-quality learning experiences

“I have given more than 4000 seminars and presentations in 45 countries, and LAUNCH is definitely one of the most professional seminar companies I have ever worked with. They offer high-quality learning experiences in a first-class facility. Their organization and support people are the best in the business. I look forward to each time I come to Kuwait to work with them again.”

Brain Tracy / Brain Tracy International

LAUNCH is setting the world-class standard

“I have been in the training business for over 20 years and I believe that LAUNCH is setting the standard for world-class training in the Middle East. From the very beginning of the company Khalid Al-Zanki, founder and CEO of LAUNCH, has been committed to helping his clients achieve superior results through innovative training. His commitment to his clients is amazing. LAUNCH is driven by asking the question, “How can we deliver training and coaching that is even more effective in making our clients successful?” I love great companies like LAUNCH who are committed to consistently getting even better. They could rest on their previous accomplishments, but they don’t. They just keep innovating and getting even better. I am proud to be affiliated with LAUNCH and I am confident that they can help you and your organization to achieve your goals.”

Tom McCarthy / Thomas McCarthy & Associates

“The TRUE Leadership seminar was a life-changer! It gives you a push toward awakening the giant within you and offers very useful and practical tips and strategies of leadership, team management, and success. The seminar was very well organized and the trainer – Tom McCarthy – presented it in a great way that made the seminar fun and enjoyable.”

Ali Al-Mumen / National Bank of Kuwait

“I would like to thank you for bringing trainers such as Tom McCarthy to Kuwait, I must admit that I truly enjoyed his presentation and found it most beneficial.”

Mike Tufail / Burgan Bank

“The fastest way between two points is a straight line and the fastest way to be a true leader is attending LAUNCH’ courses and in-depth workshops.”

Ibrahim Idriss / Americana Company

“The workshop rarely reflect my business needs that impact and improve my skills to be ‘True Leader’ the axis and outcomes of the workshop cover all the aspects of today’s business world.”

Abdullah Al-Abduljader / Kuwait Petroleum Corporation

“Indeed it was a great seminar which has revitalized my hidden leadership qualities and at the same time has broadened my vision on how to come out of the comfort zone. Credit goes to the entire team of LAUNCH, a job well done!”

Asim Khan / National Petroleum Services

“Obviously, there is a difference between an ocean and a swimming pool even if in both you will get wet; however, in ocean, you will rediscover yourself but in the swimming pool you will have a good time only. Thanks LAUNCH the Seminar was an ocean.”

Nofal Al-Musarea / Kuwait Airways

“I found that this workshop was one of the most useful and influential programs that I ever joined, and it makes you well prepared as we are the future leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. It is one of the best examples I can give of efficient and effective workshops.”

Mohammed Abdulsalam / International Holding Projects

“I had seen Brian Tracy’s videotapes in the past. Seeing and hearing him in person was even better. His ‘Focal Point’ Seminar contained excellent tips and information which I am already applying in my life.”

Camille Bondi / Australian College of Kuwait

“I heard many audiobooks for Mr. Brian Tracy, but I never thought I will meet him in person and listen to him live. Attending the ‘Focal Point’ seminar was a mind and eye-opening seminar. Thanks to Leaders Enterprise who made this dream come true.”

Jassim Hasan / Kuwait Airways Corporation

“I am really enjoyed both the courses, and I already started implementing what I have learned Tom was very good and made me feel the 4 days as 4 minutes. We hope to see them again in Kuwait.”

Ahmed Al-Tabtabai / Kuwait National Petroleum Company

“During the two-day TRUE LEADERSHIP Seminar by LAUNCH we learned that the success of any organization depends on its human capital. Also, we enjoy the talent of the presenter Tom McCarthy. We highly recommend this seminar to all Team leaders.”

Mohammad Al-Mutairi / Kuwait National Petroleum Company

“One of the best seminar’s that I have ever attended. I left with great ideas and a lot of ways to improve myself and my team. Very well organized and I thank everyone who was a part of organizing such an event and thank Tom McCarthy for giving us the knowledge.”

Reem Al-Omani / National Bank of Kuwait

“I have to say that the training I had was very useful. It extended my vision to how to put up with daily missions and how to coach my staff, teaching them the values of our company and how they have to plan their work missions. True leadership seminar was a useful experience I lived for two days. I am now using the methods in my day to day work and supervision.”

Faisal Faisali / Trafalgar Company

“A very in-depth workshop that covers the main aspects of becoming a ‘True Leader’. Very well organized. Leaders Enterprise is a truly professional company to the highest level, a very rare commodity that we rarely see in today’s business world.”

Sara Al-Haji / Al-Hilal Group Company

“Not only did I benefit personally from this seminar, but I was also proud to be participating with a company like Leaders Enterprises, which believes in adding value to the lives of current managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in Kuwait. Rarely does one find a local organization that is willing to go the extra mile to bring forth international speakers of sound credibility. I find that admirable, honorable, and very much needed. Well done!”

Lina Dalloul / Kuwait Oil Company

“By far one of the best training programs I have attended. Very well an organized event where the organizer did not miss the smallest detail to make it successful. The speaker conversant of the subject and was the right choice for running such an event for a large number of attendees. The most important aspect of the whole thing is the follow-up by the organizer to remind the attendees to implement what was learned on the course.”

Eng. Eassa Al-Yousefi / Kuwait Oil Company