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Freelancer Success Masterclass is a proven and innovative approach that is based on solid and proven business practices

This masterclass provides a step-by-step system that shows you exactly how to make more money, attract only the best clients and work significantly fewer hours so you can enjoy the freedom and lifestyle that you deserve.

This is a proven and innovative approach that is based on solid, proven business practices that maximize your profits based on the value you provide, not on the number of hours you put in.

The core strategy we teach in the Freelance Success Masterclass will transform your freelancing practice for good. You will experience a new way of doing business.

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Even when you think you know everything..

“The most important takeaway from Freelancer Success Masterclass, a freelancer’s main asset is time. Khalid has shared the tools and methods to help freelancers stop wasting time. Also, I have learned which direction my research is going so that I improve myself as an entrepreneur — even when you think you know everything, this masterclass organizes your thoughts, opens new doors, and puts you on the right track to improve and move forward with confidence.”

Ebraheem Al-Mijadi / Graphic Designer

Don’t consider it, just do it..

“When Khalid started Freelancer Success Masterclass, the first point he highlighted is how to minimize the amount of stress on yourself with clients, that is the moment which made me realize I’m in the right place at the right time. All tips that came afterward were eye-opening and made me realize that I’ve put so much stress into myself, and I need to follow his steps to minimize stress on myself. If you’re considering joining this masterclass, don’t even consider it, just do it!”

Mariam Al-Eissa / Graphic Designer

Amazing Masterclass, totally worth it..

“I signed up for Freelancer Success Masterclass because I was looking for new ways to help me maximize my profitability as a freelancer and minimize stress. Khalid has provided us with a proper formula to help us live a life without shackles. Khalid’s formula for qualifying clients and projects was one of the biggest aha-moments. It is an amazing masterclass for freelancers, and totally worth it.”

Ali Al-Haddad / Voice Over Talent

The guide finally appeared, I’m so happy..

I signed up for the Freelancer Success Masterclass because I really need someone to be my guide. I feel so happy that the guide finally showed me how to do freelancing as a business owner. My biggest aha-moment was when I discovered that I must start working freelance as a business owner — not a hobbyist like most people. If you’re considering this masterclass, GO FOR IT! And write down all information and ideas you capture.

Noura Al-Mannaie / Videographer

Masterclass is exactly what I needed..

“Freelancer Success Masterclass is exactly what I needed to do my side business as a professional. Khalid’s philosophy in freelancing was amazing, especially his idea of minimizing stress. My biggest takeaway from this masterclass, you must choose your projects carefully and don’t be afraid to refuse to work with a client if the project is not suitable for you. Also, Khalid’s qualifying formula for projects was an eye-opener. I really felt enriched from what I have learned and ideas captured from this masterclass.”

Bader Al-Omar / Filmmaker

Get fresh new ideas..

“I signed up for the Freelancer Success Masterclass because I wanted to implement new ideas in my business and network with other freelancers. One of the biggest aha-moments was to set monthly and yearly revenue targets and the number of new customers. Also, Khalid talked about the most valuable asset we have, time — Don’t waste your time. if you are considering the masterclass and you’re a new startup, you should join the masterclass to get fresh new ideas and thoughts to grow your business.”

Abbas Mahusin / Insurance Broker

Define Your Services

The secret behind world-class freelancers’ success is to define and defibrinate your services and communicate clearly with your potential clients

Build Business Model

Building a world-class business model will help you build your pricing and promotions to attract the best clients and design client success path to generate more income

Manage Backend Processes

Backend processes are the core of running a successful business, you will be able to learn best practices and tools to increase your productivity and focus on your talent

Who Should Attend The Masterclass?

YOU, most likely. Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Coaches, Consultants; business owners find themselves doing it all by themselves. This masterclass is designed specifically for you! You don’t have to run your business alone.


What’s My Investment?

How much is unclear business model costing you? How many potential clients can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? How many people are passing up your talent? Can potential clients understand why they need your service? A lack of clarity may already be costing you a great deal.

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