LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcast mission is to educate, empower, entertain and inspire people by spreading knowledge of business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Khalid Al-Zanki started LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcast on 23rd February 2014. His passion for sharing how entrepreneurship is transforming businesses, brands, human interactions, influencing behavior and reshaping cultures motivated him to create what would become LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcasts. LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcasts are dedicated to Entrepreneurship, Business and Marketing. Our goal is to help you succeed with your entrepreneurial and marketing efforts, and these podcasts are for you, whether you’re an expert who’s been in business for years — or you haven’t even made your first move yet! We can all reach for higher levels of success in business and in life!

Our intention is to publish new episodes weekly in our podcast. While you will be able to listen or download episodes at LAUNCH ON FIRE website, it will be much easier for you to subscribe in iTunes Podcasts or Stitcher App; here’s step-by-step guide to subscribe for LAUNCH ON FIRE Podcast..