Founded in 2014 by Eng. Khalid Al-Zanki (Most Influential Online Person 2010 – Ranked #58 worldwide – via Fast Company Magazine), LAUNCH ON FIRE is the source for entrepreneurship and small businesses. Although LAUNCH ON FIRE Podcast is newly born, we’re reaching a very good number of monthly listeners mainly from Kuwait, LAUNCH ON FIRE delivers the most professional breaking insights and ideas on entrepreneurship.

LAUNCH ON FIRE audience includes entrepreneurs, startups, influencers and professionals. LAUNCH ON FIRE will also become popular very soon on Apple Podcasts. Our team is working hard towards achieving that goal.

Simply, it is different and unique. LAUNCH ON FIRE is not just a regular podcast, Khalid Al-Zanki came with an idea to build a specialized community of qualified entrepreneurs and professionals. They share great ideas, insights and real-life experiences with LAUNCH ON FIRE audience.

Beyond the standard online advertising, LAUNCH ON FIRE team believes that sometimes there is a desire for something more than just advertising. LAUNCH ON FIRE offers a variety of sponsorship options and we are also welcome to hearing any custom ideas you might have.

We look forward to discussing & brainstorming with you.