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LAUNCH ON FIRE CLUB is a membership built around the podcast to elevate our audiance experience

Finding a podcast to listen is easy. It’s harder to find exactly what you’re looking for. As a podcast listener, you have your routine of a few episodes that you listen to on specific days, but when you want to hear something different it’s a lot harder to find quality content. What podcasts should you be listening to? What podcasts are the rest of the LAUNCH ON FIRE fans listening to? Should you start at the beginning? Did you miss something yesterday when you didn’t listen?

We’d say we’ve done a decent job of keeping our podcast audience engaged and stay informed. We post stories and teasers so you can find out what guests are going to be on what podcast. Our host takes pride in showing you what his podcasts are doing. Pretty standard stuff.

We decided to start LAUNCH ON FIRE CLUB, and we will have a place for all of the listeners of the LAUNCH ON FIRE podcasts to come to one place and findout everything they need to know about our surprises..

Here is a quick overview of what we will be doing with this club:

1. Letting You Know What We Offer Each Day
2. Creating a Weekly Meetups for You to Give Feedback Direct to Khalid
3. Let You Know about Major Guests
4. Create a Discussion About Interviews
5. Launch New Podcasts
6. Get a List Resources And Books.
7. Much, much more…

LAUNCH ON FIRE CLUB Membership is free, once you sign-up, we’ll send you all the details, and access to Members Only Area.

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Starting to build resources section and compile the recommended books by our guests in one place for you

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Inspiring and Impacting by taking massive action to achieve the level of success in business and life

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Being part of our club helps all of us be part of something bigger than ourselves and look to new possibilities and opportunities