NEW! 20 June 2020

Freelancer Success Liveclass helps you build a business around your talent and experience using step-by-step 

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NEW! 26-27 JUNE 2020

إطلاق لايف كلاس يساعدك في تحويل فكرتك إلى مشروع وإطلاقه
إطلاق الفكرة أو المشروع التجاري | تقييم وتشكيل الفكرة | إنشاء المنتج والمشروع

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All-New Podcast in Arabic

This is a brand new podcast which is dedicated for startups and small businesses. Khalid Alzanki delivers tactics and strategies to help you launch.

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WIN THE GAME Online Masterclass Helps You Win The Business Game Through Transformational Leadership. Tom McCarthy is the “go to” coach for dozens of Fortune 500 executives when it comes to leadership and effective communication

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From the 1st Arabic Book on Strategic Marketing & Launches

LAUNCH book provides information that will help you build a solid base for launching your products in a unique and modern way to achieve the targeted sales and success that you desire and deserve.

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