Khalid Al-Zanki runs LAUNCH ON FIRE interviews with a wide range of entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals and experts..

We’re always keen to hear what people are doing and like to support where we can, however we’re anticipating far more interview requests than we’re able to place. Every interview request will be considered but the final decision is always up to individual shows.

The best way to approach LAUNCH ON FIRE Business Podcasts for interviews is by using the application our form below or email us info@launch.com.kw

The details you send through will then be forwarded to all of the most appropriate podcast and we will get in touch with you if we’re able to place an interview.

We have a policy of just one entrepreneur per company, and must be running the business, so while we always want to know what you’re up to, we need to share your story with LAUNCH ON FIRE audience.

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