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Leading Winning Teams Workshop Launched

Kuwait, 9 November 2017: LAUNCH Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting Company have announced hosting Tom McCarthy’s Leading Winning Teams Workshop on December 17th and 18th, 2017 in Kuwait. The workshop will be taught live-in-person by Tom McCarthy himself, one of the best coaches for executive leadership development in the world. Attendees will learn the secrets to leading winning teams and become one of the top 10% of all leaders consistently leading teams.

The 2-day, highly interactive live workshop provides leaders the psychology, knowledge, and skills required to build winning teams and become outstanding leaders, based on an experiential learning model.

Khalid Al-Zanki, Founder & CEO of LAUNCH said:

“We are pleased to host Tom McCarthy in Kuwait for the 13th time due to his exceptional seminars and his extraordinary ability in igniting performance, especially in leadership. I work with Tom McCarthy all the time in developing the content and outcomes of customized seminars for Kuwait. We are keen on developing outstanding leadership programs in Kuwait and address these gaps through a series of seminars, workshops, training, and coaching.”

In the workshop, Tom teaches how to apply the principles of leadership to create an elite, highly motivated team that achieves its outcomes no matter what the odds may be. Enrolled leaders in the workshop will be immersed in situations in which they will have to make decisions and apply leadership principles. They will be in a group of outstanding people who are all committed to being the best leaders they can be.

Learning outcomes of the workshop include; how to create a one-page leadership plan; establish a powerful team identity; shift team to preferred culture; live the core values; formulate energizing goals & objectives; master the top-grading system; hire “a” players at every position; develop “a” players at every position; redeploy “c” and “d” players; guide team through stages of team building; increase team cohesiveness; master your emotional intelligence; influence your team’s emotional intelligence; increase team member engagement; implement effective meeting structure and cadence; use powerful communication strategies; apply effective coaching strategies; delegate effectively; create a culture of transformation and improvement; increase organizational and individual effectiveness; implement the prune and focus strategy; focus on constant innovation; and much more.

More information about Leading Winning Workshop, Click here!

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