When you select Tom McCarthy for your next training, you’re not selecting just another speaker. You’re selecting one of the world’s leading experts in helping individuals and businesses to move out of their comfort zones and limiting patterns into new levels of peak performance. Every training Tom presents is customized to meet your outcomes and comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

“There are only a few people in this world that I would trust to do an extraordinary job in presenting our programs to the public on behalf of Robbins Research. Tom is one of those people. In addition to being an outstanding speaker and trainer, he is also an outstanding person and has been a valued member of our team for the past ten years.”

Anthony Robbins / Chairman, Robbins Research International

“Wow I had nothing but positive feedback in regards to our first annual Contempo Retreat! I have to tell you we owe almost every bit to you. You exceeded my expectations. I feel very fortunate that we had the opportunity to have someone of your caliber with us on such a special day.”

Gino Belfari / Century 21 Contempo

“I wanted to thank you for your energizing presentation at this year Gutenberg Festival. As one attendee commented to me as he left. Now that’s what a keynote presentation is all about! I must say that you delivered even more than I expected. You give people tools to take control of their lives and build the confidence necessary to do that. And above all else, you make it fun!”

Chris Jacobson / President, Gutenberg Expositions

“The several times you have spoken for us have significantly transformed how my organization approaches their business. The results have been phenomenal, 48% growth over one year. Tom, your ability to target core issues, creatively design a series of exercises which make the concept real and communicate the key messages focused on results is a true talent. As far as I’m concerned… you’ve been chosen for greatness.”

Judy Frank / Branch Director for Central California, MCI

“You provided my staff with the tools to do some soul searching and recognize their inner strengths. We were able to participate in a unique and inspirational program with you that will be long be remembered. I have attended many seminars in the past, and I have found yours to be the best.”

Dawn C. Maroney / Director, Sales & Marketing, HealthNet Insurance

“The program you presented for us was outstanding, you energized our people, and you prepared them to deal with the challenges of the market place.”

Rick Hartnack / Vice Chairman, Union Bank of California