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McCarthy’s Workshop Addresses Key Challenges for Business Leaders

Kuwait, 22 November 2017: LAUNCH Strategic Marketing and Business Consulting offers business leaders in Kuwait the unique opportunity to attend Tom McCarthy’s ‘Winning Teams Workshop’ on December 17th and 18th, 2017. Tom McCarthy, a leading global expert in training executives will be taking leaders through a dynamic experiential learning model on building consistently successful teams.

Khalid Al-Zanki, Founder & CEO of LAUNCH said: “Why are so many leaders struggling? What are the challenges? Why don’t some organizations reach their goals? It really comes down to the leader, and sometimes as a leader, you have people on your team that is not feeling inspired or motivated, they are disengaged.”

Khalid Al-Zanki also, added: “Gallup’s Leadership Research shows that in each typical team, every second person is engaged versus one person that is disengaged. As a leader, you have to act like their CEO; chief emotional officer, chief energy officer, and chief engagement officer. We are excited about Tom coming to Kuwait as he will help leaders understand and work on that during the workshop. If they take what they get from this program and apply it, they are going to have teams that everybody envy.”

As a complete, integrated training and implementation program, the two-day workshop will focus on three phases by immersing attendees into simulated situations and equipping them with the skills to take their leadership model to new levels.

McCarthy’s highly successful model, built upon learnings from global business leaders, stresses on continuous improvement. The interactive session promises an incredible learning journey for both, executives from widely known multi-national companies and leaders from entrepreneurial start-ups.

Tom McCarthy said: “In the first phase, I will guide executives in formulating a culture of success and developing a winning team. In the second phase, the workshop will concentrate on how to accelerate the pace of the winning team’s success. Finally, I will introduce leaders to the concept of ‘messing with success;’ encouraging them to adopt an attitude of disruption and innovation so as to constantly operate at peak performance. Also, I will highlight a winning strategy of dedicating teams to innovate around company offerings, prioritizing innovations based on impact and importance and creating actionable implementation plans for enhancing products and services.”

Learning outcomes of the workshop include; how to create a one-page leadership plan; establish a powerful team identity; shift team to preferred culture; live the core values; formulate energizing goals & objectives; master the top-grading system; hire “a” players at every position; develop “a” players at every position; redeploy “c” and “d” players; guide team through stages of team building; increase team cohesiveness; master your emotional intelligence; influence your team’s emotional intelligence; increase team member engagement; implement effective meeting structure and cadence; use powerful communication strategies; apply effective coaching strategies; delegate effectively; create a culture of transformation and improvement; increase organizational and individual effectiveness; implement the prune and focus strategy; focus on constant innovation; and much more.

More information about Leading Winning Workshop, click here!

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